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Our Facilities

The Management recognizes that a major concern to all students and parents is the availability and quality of accommodation and other facilities. The college provides following facilities to the students.

  1. Departments
  2. Labs
  3. Hostels
  4. Transportation Facility
  5. Sports and Games Facility
  6. Library
  7. NSS


We provide an integrated educational experience that combines extensive theory with practice in patient care.

Medical Surgical Nursing is the mainstay of the BSc Nursing Degree Programme. In the second year, the students acquire extensive exposure to patients with various medical disorders. Subjects such as pharmacology and pathology are coupled with the basis of Medical and Surgical Nursing to enrich the scientific knowledge of the students. As part of Surgical Nursing, the preoperative unit, operation theatre and postoperative care settings provide students with clinical experiences. Furthermore, students are supervised to treat patients with disorders of the eye and ENT. The students receive training from Specialists in General Medicine, General Surgery and other specialties, as well as nursing specialists in Medical Surgical Nursing.
In the third year the students learn critical care nursing concepts and advanced nursing care in various specialties such as Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, Neurology and Neurosurgery, Nephrology, Oncology, and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. The students are provided with unique ICU experience in our multi-specialty ICUs (including Medical ICU, CVTS ICU, Neuro ICU, Ortho ICU, Plastic Surgery ICU, Dialysis Unit, Oncology Unit). This experience equips the students with various skills required in critical care nursing based on a sound knowledge of the pathophysiology of various disorders. The students conduct seminars, symposiums, and group discussions, care studies, care analysis, case presentations and procedure demonstrations to enhance their knowledge and skills.
Community Health Nursing is the specialty preparing the students to meet the ever changing challenges of society. The course orients the students to the concept of positive health and successful living and focuses on the families in the community and population groups with health risks.
This department regularly organizes household surveys, epidemiological investigations, health projects, mass campaigns, home visits, family health care programmes, school health programmes, special clinics, etc. in the adopted villages. The awareness campaigns, exhibitions, and health education activities organized in the villages train the students to effectively interact with the community on health topics. Thus, this department is acting as the campus-community link of the college.
Child Health Nursing includes Child Health Medicine and Surgery and is placed in the third year of the programme. The objective of the course is to prepare students to identify the normal growth and development of children and deviation from the normal. They are also prepared to give comprehensive nursing care to children suffering from various diseases. Special emphasis is given to embryology, genetics, child psychology, paediatric medicine, surgery, nutrition, and growth and development. In addition to the nurse specialist in the subject, experts in the field of paediatric medicine, paediatric surgery and child psychology deal with the subject. The students also have the privilege of becoming familiar with the most sophisticated equipment and technology related to client care, especially in our Paediatric Cardiology, Paediatric Cardiac Surgery Units, Paediatric Neurology, Gastroenterology and Adolescent Medicine.
Mental Health Nursing, in the third year of the BSc Nursing Programme, is designed for developing an understanding of modern concepts of mental health, mental illness, principles of mental health nursing, and for making the student function effectively as a member of the interdisciplinary mental health team.
The Mental Health Nursing Department organizes programmes aimed at enabling the students to identify the mental health needs and problems of their clients and to acquire skill in providing comprehensive health care to them, applying preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of mental health care and the principles of mental health nursing. This is achieved by the expert guidance of the psychiatric nursing faculty and other members of the mental health team including psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, psychiatric social workers, etc.
The students receive clinical experience in mental health centres. Their clinical experience is enriched from observational visits to various facilities including psychiatric rehabilitation centres, residential care facilities, special schools for the mentally retarded, and children with physical and psychological disabilities, de-addiction centres, orphanages and old age homes. The department also offers counselling services for students having psychological and adjustment problems.
The aim of the department is to prepare the students with the knowledge, skill and attitude to function as midwives and provide comprehensive nursing care to antenatal, intranatal and postnatal mothers and newborn babies with due emphasis on high-risk clients. The students are also equipped to work with child-bearing families that give them the opportunity to experience the essence of nursing at its best. The course is placed in the final year. Teaching and clinical experience are provided under the guidance of a specialist nurse and obstetrician. During this period, they will learn whole perinatal care including conducting of deliveries.

Laboratory Facilities

The Poyanil College of Nursing is building a tradition of excellence. We provide top quality, affordable, comprehensive patient care while our students pursue an integrated educational experience that combines extensive clinical practice with rigorous course work. These are the Laboratory facilities:

In this well-equipped Pre-Clinical Lab, students learn pre clinical subjects like Anatomy and physiology. The laboratory is equipped with all latest models , charts, slides and specimens.
In this laboratory, the students practise the skills and techniques for family health care and public health activities. This Community Health Nursing Laboratory has all the facilities for organizing various community health projects, camps, exhibitions and mass campaigns. The laboratory is unique as it provides for in-house preparation of various audio visual aids for information, education and communication (IEC) activities on health topics.
This state-of-art laboratory facilitates the students to practise ante natal, intra natal and post natal care before they go to the clinical setting. A mannequin to practise abdominal examination and delivery, episiotomy suture simulator, new born doll, instruments for different obstetric and gynaecologic procedures make it an apt place to learn Maternity Nursing and Child Health Nursing.
Under the guidance of a qualified dietician, the students are taught to prepare diets for normal individuals, pregnant women and also for those affected with various disorders. The laboratory is equipped with facilities for cooling, storage, preservation of food and demonstration of preparing diet based on the nutritional needs of the people.
The Computer Lab is equipped with an adequate number of computers with internet facility to train the students in basic computer applications. The students are trained by expert computer professionals accomplishments of the various disciplines in the hospital.
The Audio Visual Laboratory is equipped with high-tech educational media to support the teaching-learning activities of the nursing students. The collection in this regard includes television, overhead projectors, slide projectors, audio/video players, CD players, tape recorders, public address system, digital cameras, etc. In addition, this laboratory has excellent collections, models, charts, respiratory devices, positioning devices and other exhibits related to nursing arts. The audiovisual aids prepared by our nursing students in various academic subjects also decorate this laboratory.
The practice of professional nursing within the country and abroad necessitates a good command over the English language for effective communication. Hence, we are in the process of setting up a Language Lab in the college.
The practice of professional nursing within the country and abroad necessitates a good command over the English language for effective communication. Hence, we are in the process of setting up a Language Lab in the college.

Other Facilities

Separate hostels are provided for boys and girls All the hostels have spacious rooms. Each room is attached with a bath and toilet and is occupied by three or two students and each student in a room is provided a cot, table and chair and an Almira. Recreation facilities like television, newspaper, popular magazines and Indoor games are provided in the hostel. First-aid kits and Medical doctors on call are also provided. Laundry facilities are available in all the hostels. All the hostel inmates are provide with breakfast, lunch and dinner . The Management takes care to serve the students with hygienic food and to keep the kitchen and the dining halls clean and tidy. The concept of the management regarding the hostel is to make the student feel a home away from home.
The College has its own fleet of buses. Transport facility is provided to/from the hostel to college campus.
The organization provides adequate infrastructural support for all such student-activities which would provide them with physical fitness & personality development and cultivate in them sportsman spirit, team spirit, leadership and talent. There are in-campus activities like cricket, basketball, volleyball, football, track field, athletics and indoor games.
Wide participation of students is encouraged. Students are also encouraged to participate in inter-colleges, open, invitation and other external tournaments, sports meet, cultural and other competitions.
The college Library is spacious and is open to the students and staff of the college, who have library membership cards. Library has reading room with seating facilities in a comfortable ambience and is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during working days. Other facilities provided in the library are photocopy facility and information search facility which has been provided at the computer center. The library is equipped with about 2000 volumes of books related to the subjects tought in the different courses run in the colleges. The library also subscribes about 20 national and international journals.
The cardinal principle of the NSS programme is that it is organised by the students themselves, and both students and teachers through their combined participation in community service, get a sense of involvement in the tasks of nation building.
Students were enrolled for need based social activities as far as practicable mostly within the village community. To prepare their mind-set for any kind of social work they were given training in First Aid, Adult Education and Mass-Literacy, Self Employment, electrical, Video and Television Mechanism, Clay Modeling, Food-preservation etc...
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